Brazil - Oberon

Brazil - Oberon

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  • Country: Brazil

  • Region: Sul De Minas Gerais

  • Varietal: Mundo Novo, Catuaí and Bourbon

  • Elevation: 1250m

  • Process: Natural

The Cerrado region in southwestern Minas Gerais is known for its homogeneous climate and altitude. The average temperature is around 68°F and has an average rainfall of 1600mm which falls reliably from December to March, with an altitude of 900 to 1250 meters above sea level. Cerrado is home to approximately 140,000 hectares of dedicated coffee production and approximately 3600 coffee producers the majority of whom are organized into large cooperatives. Contributors to Oberon change each year as the focus in on an absolutely consistent cup profile. Oberon is a 100 percent Cerrado blend that consistently captures the qualities this region is celebrated for: a creamy body, sweet nutty chocolate, citric notes with a fruity aftertaste and a light acidity. Overall a clean and balanced cup.

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