Colombia - Finca El Tormento

Colombia - Finca El Tormento

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  • Country: Colombia

  • Varietal: Castillo, Colombia & Caturra

  • Processing: Washed

  • Elevation: 1750 - 1850m

Colombia is the worlds third largest coffee producing country, until the arrival of Vietnamese coffee Colombia was only second to Brazil. One of the latest additions to the Bean Brothers coffee portfolio is the incredible Finca El Tormento. The finca is located in the mountains of Southwest Antioquia a region that was once considered the “Wild West” of the country for many years as it was initially settled almost entirely by gold miners. Finca El Tormento is owned by Snr Oscar Montoya Vazques, the hand-picked cherries on Oscars plantation are dry pulped, fermented and washed then sun dried on raised beds (parihuelas). This lovely coffee has pleasant, refreshing citrus notes and the usual nutty caramel flavours that Colombian coffee is most noted for, an absolute crowd pleaser any day of the week.

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