Costa Rica - Yellow Honey Cerro Dragon

Costa Rica - Yellow Honey Cerro Dragon

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  • Country: El Salvador

  • Region: Los Santos Tarrazú

  • Varietal: Caturra-Cataui

  • Altitude: 1500m

  • Process: Natural & Fully Washed

Back in 2012 Ricardo Velvede and a group of other producers were having major issues with coffee leaf rust. This fungus has been affecting coffee plants and plantations in devastating ways since the late 19th century. The producers joined forces and managed to gather enough capital to purchase a small coffee mill. They now currently mill in the region of 500 bags with 75 bags or so coming from the Cerro Dragon farm. The name Cerro Dragon comes from one of the biggest mountains opposite the farm called Cerro El Dragon - the farm is dedicated to growing coffee but also produces small amounts of other crops such as avocados. This is a sweet, clean and well balanced medium bodied coffee with subtle notes of apricot.

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