Cuba - Serrano Lavado, Cumanayagua

Cuba - Serrano Lavado, Cumanayagua

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  • Country: Cuba

  • Region: Sierra Maestra

  • Varietal: Typica

  • Process: Washed

  • Elevation: 1000-2000m

The first coffee plantation appeared in Cuba in 1748, but large scale cultivation started in 1789 by thousands of French coffee farmers that had to escape from the armed slave revolt in Haiti. These farmers established an extensive knowledge about farming and processing coffee. The French coffee farmers grew coffee in Sierra Maestra. The climatic condition of the soil composition were ideal for coffee plantation and allowed for intensive development of coffee farming. The famous Altura quaility grows in the Sierra Maestra region and is named in the honor of the highest mountain peak in Cuba. The Island of Cuba produces only Arabica Coffee and it is mainly grown in three areas, that is in the Eastern area (83%), the Western area (6%) and in the Central area (11%).

Notes of roasted peanuts and cinder toffee with a caramelized brown sugar sweetness. A perfectly balanced acidity. A full flavour coffee designed for the more discerning coffee lover with degrees of distinction.

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