Ethiopia - Limu Kossa Farm

Ethiopia - Limu Kossa Farm

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  • Country: Ethiopia

  • Region: Oromia

  • Varietal: Heirloom

  • Process: Washed (organic)

  • Elevation: 1840 - 2130m

Land owner and farmer Gidey Berthe grows coffee on a 350 hectare farm at an altitude of 1840 to 2139 meters above sea level. Located in the far west of Ethiopa the area is known as Limu Kossa. The farm is meticulously maintained as the farm was once a wild forest, this has been thinned out slightly to allow for coffee production. The coffee here is picked by about 400 seasonal workers during harvest season. At the farms collecting station the green cherries are separated, dried and sold at the local market. The mill processes in the region of 20,000kg of cherry per day in peak season.

In the cup we have notes of blueberries, grape soda, port wine and a supporting flavour of chocolate with a hazelnut finish, fruity citrus acidity.

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