Honduras-Cerro Azul - MICROLOT

Honduras-Cerro Azul - MICROLOT

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  • Country: Honduras

  • Region: Cerro Azul

  • Varietal: Red Catuai

  • Process: Natural

  • Elavation: 1450-1900

The Cerro Azul coffee is produced on various smallholder farms in the mountains that border the town of Siguatepeque, in the Montecillos mountain range. The beans are dried in drying tunnels, where the temperature can be controlled to stay between 40 and 50°C.

We have roasted this offering slightly darker than you would usually expect for a natural bean, we feel it gives the best rendition of a excellent funky bean, expect flavours of strawberry milkshake, dark rum, dates and a boozy feel. We showcased the Honduran at the CupNorth trade event recently as a espresso and received some most excellent feedback.

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