Kenya - Kisii Estate Peaberry

Kenya - Kisii Estate Peaberry

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  • Country: Kenya

  • Region: Kangema District

  • Varietal: Caracoli

  • Elevation: 1700m

  • Process: Washed & Sun Dried

Kenya is famous for producing outstanding coffee and has a highly organized network of coffee cooperatives. The topography of high altitude plateaus combined with acidic soil provides excellent growing conditions for Arabica. Peaberry also known as Caracoli is a type of coffee bean, this is an unusual type of bean which develops only when one of the two beans in a cherry is fertilized. Without another bean to grow against the bean grows into an ovular shape. These sort of beans are most often associated with Kenya and nearby Tanzania.

This coffee has a light body with an overtone of citrus subsiding to a caramel fruitiness with hints of sugar cane and nutmeg.

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