Peru - Organic Fair Trade Cenfrocafe

Peru - Organic Fair Trade Cenfrocafe

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  • Country: Peru

  • Region: Cajamarca

  • Varietal: Bourbon, Typica & Caturra

  • Process: Washed

  • Elevation: 1000 – 1900m

This coffee is out newest arrival from the Cenfrocafe Co-op. Organic and Fair Trade certified these beans do not disappoint! As a bonus the co-op helps create education and infrastructure to the villages that produce the beans as well as creating an alliance with like-minded associations in the greater Cajarmarca region. Cenfrocafe provide technical and marketing services to thousands of small scale farmers in Northern Peru. Without this kind of strong organization, local farmers would be left to each of his or hers own devices to develop best practices for healthy crops and increased production yields.

In the cup you will find lovely chocolate notes with crisp acidity. A true Peruvian coffee, clean, smooth and a nice medium body with milk, dried fruits with hints of caramel and honey.

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