Hario Compact Mini Mill Pus Hand Grinder with Ceramic Burrs

Hario Compact Mini Mill Pus Hand Grinder with Ceramic Burrs


The iconic Mini Mill Plus hand coffee grinder is the perfect solution if you are looking for compact lightweight portable grinder. The Mini Mill Plus holds around about 24 grams of ground coffee - perfect for one or two people. The grinder is very easy to use and hold with a large handle that will enable you to grind your Bean Brothers coffee beans with speed and ease. The Mini Mill Plus has ceramic burrs which are super durable and will ensure a consistent grind every time. Ideal for V60 or filter (French Press) or whichever brewing method you prefer. The importance of fresh ground coffee in any brewing method can never be overstated.

Hario Mini Mill Plus Hand Grinder Design:

The Hario Mini Mill Plus has a dark transparent look with the main improvement being the reinforced hexagonal adapter for the handy lock which makes the hand grinder sturdier than ever before. The grinder is very simple to assemble, the body is made from plastic so is perfect for travelers or mountain climbers to fit in their back packs. Adjustable quick and easy to maintain, incredibly easy to dismantle the Mini Mill Plus is an essential piece of kit for any V60 set up.

Hario Mini Mill Plus Hand Coffee Grinder Includes:

  • Improved handy lock

  • Dark transparent body

  • Compact size

  • Easy adjustment coarse fine grind setting

  • Easy to read measurement scale

  • Easy to use and clean

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