V60 Pouring Kettle Buono

V60 Pouring Kettle Buono


It looks great, it feels great and it pours water like no other kettle in the world, it actually allows you to pour water in circular motion by using only one finger - V60 Buono. At a first glance the V60 kettle has a cute and classic look, but the looks is not what makes this kettle special. Control, style and exceptional coffee is associated with this marvellous, well designed kettle.

As soon as you pick the V60 kettle by its easy-grip handle, you will discover that it is already in the pouring position. The Buono kettle is specifically designed to brew coffee in drip style. It has a very slim goose neck spout for better flow-rate. The grip handle and precise spout enables you to have complete control during the pour-over. The Buono kettle plays an important role in the brewing process.

  • Precise Pour-over Spout

  • Stainless Steel

  • Capacity of 600ml

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